The First interactive NFT Market Place For live streaming Music Sets and Motion Visuals

Limufy is the home for any music lover, brand, and community to collect music sets and motion visuals exclusively as NFT.

Our market place allows both music and art lovers collect and trade Music sets and Motion Visual easily as NFTs.


Trade directly and leverage confidently with any user on the platform through automated smart contracts hosted on the public and proven BSC environment.

Buy and trade exclusive live sets and motion visuals from the most creative artists.

Live sets are unique art by its nature and in Limufy we turn them into NFTs. All live sets and visuals are limited to number of NFTs minted by users only during the live set. Provable scarcity gives creators a new dimension of customization while challenging existing notions of valuation.

Artists can support singular or multiple organisations by their music sets and motion visuals. From supporting their favourite club to supporting a movement they value and everything in between.

Our platform support any kind of music file and motion visual content, including Video, mp3, mp4 and etc..  

Binance Smart Chain allows Limufy to transact in an ultra-fast and secure environment while maintaining limited fee exposure for our end-users.



  • 🍾 Clubs and Venues
  • 🎧 DJs
  • 🎇 Visuals Artists
  • 📀 Music Lovers & Collectors

Road Map 2021 🔮

Feb 2021 ✅

- Prototyping
- Feedback loops
- Music rights clearence
- Audio streaming architecture
- iOS development setup


- Hierarchy authentication
- Event planing
- Custom contribution system
- Collecting music sets
- iOS Beta launch


- Testnet Launch
- Smart Contract Setup
- ERC721 & ERC1155
- Wallet Integrations
- Token Generation Event
- Public Security Audit
-Token Sale

Q4 - V.1 Limufy

- Mainnet Launch
- Creation & Trade Features
- Integrating B2B features
- Local & international heroes
- Club and DJ match making
- Crowd match making



Full stack & blockchain developer


Marketing & community manager


Music copyright and law



Branding and UX, UI designer


Motion visual Artist

Mailing list

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Artist ?We are constantly looking for DJs, and motion visual artists who are interested to learn more about Live NFT collectables. Email us as


Partners 🤝

Birgit und Bier

One of the biggest and most creative Berlin Clubs located in the hip area of Berlin-Kreuzberg.

Mini Bar Berlin

A classic cozy Berlin bar with Live berlin Techno music 7 days a week 365 days a year in Friedrichshain- Berlin